Best Remove Years of Yellow Stains from Your Teeth

Best Remove Years of Yellow Stains from Your Teeth with Whitening Tips

Remove Years of Yellow Stains from Your Teeth with Whitening Tips 

Over time, what started as a shiny, white smile in our youth can dull. And become discolored from food and drinks, smoking, medications, trauma, ageing and more. While part of the natural aging process, a yellowed dull smile can make us appear older before our time. Read this blog to understand what causes yellowing stains and how customized. Teeth whitening solutions from your local dentist. Can refresh your smile from the comfort of home.

What Causes Yellowing and Stains on Teeth? 

Many intrinsic and extrinsic factors contribute to yellowish discoloration. Stained-looking teeth over one’s lifetime:

Intrinsic Staining Causes Intrinsic stains arise from internal changes inside. The tooth structure that become more visible as enamel thins with age. Causes include:

  • Genetic traits making enamel thinner or more transparent
  • High fever illnesses during tooth development
  • Trauma, nerve damage, root canal therapies
  • Tetracycline antibiotics taken while young
  • Excessive fluoride consumption from sources like drinking water

Extrinsic Staining Causes

External stains affect the enamel surface from repeated. Exposure to dark-coloured foods, drinks, products or habits like:

  • Coffee, tea, red wine and other pigmented drinks
  • Tobacco smoke or chewing
  • Pigmented foods like berries, tomato sauce or soy sauce
  • Cleaned dental work like metal amalgam fillings
  • Chlorhexidine and other oral disinfectant mouth rinses
  • Iron supplements

Should I See My Dentist Before Whitening Yellow Teeth?

Yes – it is advisable to have your dentist assess. The health of your teeth and causes of discolouration first. Before beginning any whitening treatments. A quick dental exam rules out conditions making whitening unsafe. Identifies any intrinsic staining influencing colour change capabilities. And determines if other therapies like gum line cleanings or restorative. Solutions will enhance whitening outcomes later.

At-Home Whitening from Your Dentist is Best

Both professional in-office power whitening and custom-fitted home teeth whitening. Trays dispensed by your local dentist. Can reverse years of accumulated yellowing and surface stains. Compared to over-the-counter strips or store-bought trays, dentist-provided whitening offers:

  • A custom fit ensuring optimal contact of whitening gel. All front and inner back tooth surfaces
  • Professional assessment of color expectations
  • Greatest allowable strength whitening gels
  • Gum protection barriers in trays to avoid irritation
  • Guidance on managing any sensitivity
  • Affordable monitoring and maintenance gel refills after completing initial whitening period

With custom home whitening, you can whiten yellowed or stained teeth. With the same level of dramatic results seen after in-office power whitening. All from the convenience and privacy of home.

What to Expect with At-Home Custom Dentist Whitening? 

The process unfolds over a few simple steps:

  1. Make a teeth whitening consultation appointment. With your dentist to test your and oral health. They take measurements of discolored regions and assess realistic goals. In-office cleaning or other preparatory work may be advised.
  2. Have upper and lower arch impressions or scans recorded to craft special mouth trays. Digital photography may also be utilized to compare pre and post-whitening results. Return within 1-2 weeks to have custom-formed. Whitening splints delivered, along with whitening gel.
  3. Begin using whitening trays filled with gel daily. For 30-60 minutes for 1-4 weeks depending on product type. And concentration until satisfied with visible lightening achieved. Update your dentist on any sensitivity experienced to have usage instructions adjusted.
  4. maintain your gorgeous smile using prescription. Retainer gels 1-2 times weekly in your whitening trays or as directed. Doing touch-ups whenever teeth begin losing brightness keeps stains away for years. Without needing intensive repeat whitening sessions.

What About Other Home Whitening Options? 

You may come across various other home whitening products. From strips to trays with low concentration bleaching gels bought over-the-counter. While affordable, they have notable drawbacks compared to dentist-prescribed whitening:

  • Ill-fitting “one-size-fits-all” trays prevent adequate surface contact for distributed whitening. They only whiten the front 6-8 visible teeth.
  • Weak whitening gels with lower legal peroxide limits (under 10%) must be used much longer to work. Meaning high rates of user non-compliance and mid-treatment. Give up due to minimal visible improvements.
  • Lack of gum protection means more gum irritation, sensitivity and possible recession. With extended use necessary for only mild lightening.
  • No customization options to account for existing dental work blocking areas from whitening. With poor fitting mass-produced trays.
  • Little guidance ensuring safe application techniques to avoid enamel damage. From overuse or workout proper treatment to manage sensitivity if it arises.

Professional Dental Cleanings Boost Whitening Success

Investing in a thorough dental teeth cleaning and polish before home. Whitening gives better results by:

  • Removing all extrinsic surface stains from smoking, coffee and foods. Obscuring underlying tooth colour.
  • Getting into hard-to-reach areas around dental work margins near. The gum line where stains hide and accumulate unnoticed.
  • Smoothing microscopic bonded residue from drinks, tobacco or medications through professional strength polishing.
  • Eliminating plaque and pigmented bacteria adhered on enamel. Before you apply bleaching gel trays.

With surfaces prepared first, lower doses of whitening agents. Then only need tackle intrinsic discolouration locked inside the teeth.

A Whiter Smile Awaits! 

Don’t hide your smile any longer and avoid cameras due to feelings. Of shame over yellowed teeth making you appear older than your true age. Experience the life-changing confidence boost of a younger-looking. Whiter smile by contacting your Local SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic. Today about teeth whitening options that fit your lifestyle and budget! The stains and discoloration will only. Become more stubborn with further ageing and elapsed time. Take action now to reclaim a mouth full of pearly white teeth you want to share with the world! Call our dentists to book an appointment for teeth whitening in Wimbledon

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