8 tried and tested home remedies emergency

8 tried and tested home remedies for emergency toothache relief

8 tried and tested home remedies for emergency toothache

An ice pack or a cold compress 

An ice pack or a cold compress proves helpful easing pain in the mouth especially if the problem is caused by an injury. Even the pain and discomfort that is caused by swollen gums can be mitigated with an ice pack or a cold compress too. Applying this therapy is also quite easy and hassle-free; you only have to hold the ice pack on the outer cheek right at the site of pain for say about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. IQOS TEREA UAE

Alternatively you can also use a bag full of frozen peas and you will get the same effect. When you apply this cold therapy, it constricts your blood vessels and as a result the flow of blood to the affected region gets slowed down. As the result of slowing down of the flow of blood to the area there is reduction in swelling and inflammation as well as the pain gets numbed too.

Tested Homemade saltwater mouthwash 

Prepare a homemade solution by adding about a spoonful of table salt to a cup of boiling water. Allow the solution to cool down enough so that it is only lukewarm and rinse the mouth thoroughly with it twice daily. Each time you should swish the solution in your mouth for at least 30 second and then just spit it out. This tested homemade solution is rich in antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties and helps reducing swelling in the mouth and boost healing. This is how it gives relief to your sore throat. Moreover rinsing the mouth well with water helps dislodging food particles that get stuck in the teeth.

Analgesics or painkillers available over the counter

A dentist based in London with years of experience in providing emergency treatment for toothache says fast and temporary relief from severe pain in the tooth is provided by OTC (or over the counter) medications like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, paracetamol and others. However it is important to note that children below 16 years of age should not be given aspirin to get relief from tooth pain.

Raw garlic

Garlic is a major ingredient in many European cuisines; it is also widely recognised for its medicinal properties over the centuries. It contains a compound named allicin which makes garlic rich in antibacterial property. Applying garlic to get relief from toothache is also quite easy; crush a fresh clove of garlic and add little salt to it. Then place it directly on your affected tooth and hold your patience till its effects start kicking in. 

Peppermint tea

Just like many other items found in nature peppermint too has the property to numb your pain. Thus it can be used to soothe toothache. Moreover it contains menthol which has strong antibacterial properties. It is because of the presence of menthol that peppermint gets both its minty flavour and smell. Put about a teaspoonful of dried peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water and simmer it for about 15 to 20 minutes in low flame.

Then let it cool down and swish it around the mouth for at least a couple of minutes. Once the swishing is over you may spit it out or swallow it whatever you like. Alternatively you can use peppermint oil; add a few drops of the oil on a tiny cotton ball and place it at the problem site in the mouth. The oil starts its action in few minutes to provide you with temporary remedy. Many people also prefer applying warm peppermint tea bag on the affected tooth. TEREA Dubai


Medicinal properties of thyme are known across the ages and it is widely used to cure chest infection. Patients suffering from diseases like whooping cough and bronchitis. The primary component of thyme is thymol is an effective antiseptic and antifungal healer. Just a single drop of the essential oil (or thyme) can be added to a glass full of water to prepare a tested homemade mouthwash says a dentist in London who regularly attends patients with toothache out of hours. Alternatively you can take a moist and tiny cotton ball to add a few drops of the thymol essential oil to it. Then place the cotton ball on the affected tooth and press it hard.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaves of the aloe vera plants. This gel is known over the ages for its excellent medical values; it can heal up wounds resulting from both cuts and burns. People also use it for clean and soothe their gums. Aloe vera also possesses strong antibacterial properties and can destroy germs that cause decay in the tooth. Take a little amount of the gel on your fingertip and apply it directly to the site of pain. You may gently massage the area with it as well to make it work faster.   

Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide

Antibacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide are well known over the ages. It is particularly effective when the underlying cause of toothache is an infection. But you must be very careful while using this chemical compound and its consumption can be life threatening warns a dentist who deals with emergency toothache cases round the year in London.    

Mix equal parts of water and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to prepare a solution. Ice pack Swish it in the mouth for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out. Then as a careful measure rinse the mouth with plain water several times to ensure no trace of hydrogen peroxide is left in the mouth. As a matter of fact this therapy is not suitable for children as they may consume the harmful chemical and suffer consequences.


Cloves are a favourite spice used in many Oriental cuisines over the ages. Ice pack it contains eugenol which is rich in antiseptic, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Thus clove is a reliable item to fight infections in the tooth and the gum. Place a whole clove on the affected tooth and gradually chew it down so that it releases the oil inside. After half an hour or so, throw out the clove from your mouth. Alternatively you can use clove oil; take a small cotton ball and soak it with little clove oil. Place the cotton ball directly on the affected area and wait for an hour before throwing it out. 

These home remedies are only meant to provide you with temporary relief from the pain and discomfort. If the pain turns unbearable then you must seek an appointment with your dentist to get emergency relief from toothache. Any pain in the tooth or the gums must be taken seriously and treated properly without any delay. Contact and visit Emergency Dentist London pro for the treatment.

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