What Causes Crowded Teeth and How to Fix Them?


Many adults suffer from crowded or crooked teeth, which can affect confidence and oral health. This common issue has several potential causes, but thankfully there are also effective orthodontic treatments available today. In this blog post, we’ll explore what leads to crowded teeth and how clear braces or aligners can help resolve this problem.

What Causes Teeth Crowding?

There are a few key reasons why someone may develop crowded teeth or a misaligned bite:

  • Genetics – Some people inherit jaws that are too small or tooth sizes/positions that lead to crowding. So if your parents experienced crowded teeth, you’re more likely to as well.
  • Losing Teeth Too Early – If you lose deciduous (baby) teeth early, before the permanent teeth push through, it can lead to crowding later on. The surrounding teeth may tilt or drift into the empty space.
  • Impacted Teeth – Sometimes wisdom teeth or other teeth become blocked or trapped in the jawbone, pushing on other teeth and causing alignment problems.
  • Abnormal Growth – In some cases, the upper and lower jaws don’t properly line up, usually due to undergrowth of the jaws or airway obstruction from enlarged tonsils/adenoids. This imbalance puts pressure on teeth, resulting in crowding.
  • Tongue/Lip Thrusting – A tongue that rests too far forward or lips that don’t close properly can exert excess force on the front teeth over time, moving them out of position.
  • Oral Habits – Sucking on thumbs or fingers beyond early childhood years can also move teeth and impact alignment.

Treatment Options for Crowded Teeth

If you have crooked, overlapping, or crowded teeth, what options are available? While some may consider tooth extraction or jaw surgery in severe cases, orthodontic treatments offer a much less invasive approach:

Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligners like Invisalign straighten teeth using a series of custom, clear trays that gradually shift teeth into place over time. Aligners are removable, as opposed to fixed braces, offering convenience and discretion during treatment. They also utilize SmoothSurface technology to enhance patient comfort. Well-known for its near invisibility, Invisalign clear aligner therapy is a top choice among adults and teens today.

Clear Braces

Clear brackets and wires blend in more seamlessly with natural teeth compared to metal braces. Brands like InVu or Clarity provide aesthetic orthodontic treatment, while still enabling precision control to align teeth effectively.

Lingual Braces

At our London orthodontics practice, we provide all these state-of-the-art alignment therapies. Whether you choose Invisalign, lingual braces, or clear aligner treatment, our experienced orthodontists will create a tailored treatment plan to shift your teeth into their ideal positions for a healthy, beautiful smile

Lingual braces are affixed to the backs of teeth, concealing them from view. This makes them an appealing option, though they tend to be more costly and can impact speech temporarily.

Treatment Duration The length of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of each unique case. However, the average timeline is:

  • Clear aligners: Average 10-15 months
  • Clear braces: Average 12-24 months
  • Lingual braces: Average 12-36 months

Of course, minimal or complex cases may progress faster or more gradually as needed. Our orthodontists monitor progress month-by-month to ensure teeth are moving properly until the final desired outcome is achieved.

Am I a Candidate?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance or function of crowded, gapped, or misaligned teeth, modern invisible orthodontics could be a solution. The doctors at our practice provide free Invisalign Aligners consultations in Wandsworth and personalized treatment plans created with 3D imaging technology. We’re happy to assess your specific needs and goals to determine if clear aligners or braces could help.

Generally, if you have healthy teeth and gums as well as the commitment to wear treatment trays consistently, you can benefit from discreet teeth straightening. While traditional braces used to be reserved for teens, invisible orthodontics now serve teens and adults alike with excellent effects.

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Improve Your Smile

It’s never too late to improve your oral health, function, and appearance through straighter teeth. If you struggle with speech problems, chewing/biting issues, or lack of confidence due to crowded smiles, we encourage you to consider treatment. Whether you want nearly invisible aligners or more visible ceramic braces, the orthodontists at our practice can craft customized solutions to fit your lifestyle and goals. Your satisfaction is our top priority through every step of care.

Choose Invisalign Wandsworth with Confidence

When researching clear aligner options in Wandsworth, look no further than 1A Orthodontics. Our doctors have transformed thousands of smiles using brands like Invisalign and Clarity. With advanced digital 3D modeling, we map out precise tooth movements from start-to-finish of your treatment journey. The end result – beautifully aligned teeth without the hassle of wires or brackets.

Invisalign treatment involves changing trays approximately every 10-14 days. Each set incrementally moves your teeth until the final position is achieved. These trays are BPA-free, comfortable and removable when eating or brushing teeth. You’ll meet with your orthodontist periodically to check progress and receive fresh aligner trays during treatment.

Treatment sessions at our state-of-the-art Wandsworth office are fast, convenient and comfortable. We understand your time is valuable, which is why we maximize efficiency without ever sacrificing personalized care. From your initial consultation to final follow-ups, our doctors and staff oversee each phase of the Invisalign process to ensure you achieve picture perfect results.

With Invisalign Wandsworth treatment from 1A Orthodontics you can expect:

  • A complimentary initial exam with 3D models
  • Expert treatment from elite 1A Diamond Plus Invisalign orthodontists
  • Aligner plan preview before you commit
  • Progress tracking at each appointment
  • Excellent adjustment if any mid-course corrections are required

Whether you desire minor tooth straightening or more intensive alignment correction, clear aligners offer an appealing choice for teens and adults. With nearly invisible Invisalign aligners, you can continue your normal daily routines in Wandsworth with minimal disruption while transforming your smile. And your investment is protected with industry-leading Smile Guarantees from 1A Orthodontics.

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