Tips for starting school after the holidays

Sleeping in and playing around in the fresh air all day – that’s all over after the holidays when school starts again. It’s not that easy to motivate the children to go to school again. And that’s exactly what many children and young people find difficult every time. Instead of sleeping in, the alarm goes off, instead of going to the swimming pool, it’s time for homework and studying, instead of staying awake until late, you have to go to bed early. This change is a challenge for both children and parents.

So that the kids don’t get off to a bad start after the holidays and master the start of school with flying colors, I’ve put together a few tips for you:

Tips for starting school after the holidays

New school supplies fuel anticipation for the start of school

For the new school year, new pens, pencil cases, notebooks, documents, sports shoes, etc. should be provided. be purchased. Take the child with you on the shopping trip so that they can choose for themselves whether the magazines should be decorated with zebras or dogs. It’s even more fun together! This means they are more motivated to try out the new materials when practicing at home.

Put the concentration turbo back into operation

There is hardly a child who really wants to do concentration training during the holidays. But there are ways to subtly encourage it anyway. For example, by playing city, country, river together – also very useful for geography, e.g. B. “What was the capital of Poland called again?” In this way, the concentration that is often lost during the holidays can be increased and promoted again. Match 4 is also a great game to increase concentration.

Get started right from the start and make it easier to start school after the holidays

The earlier children are exposed to school material, the less stress they will have with classwork etc. later in the school year. Prepare the kids for learning and homework situations by repeating the school material from the last class in the last days of the holidays and thus closing any that may have arisen Gaps in knowledge. Make a ritual for yourself by learning and practicing at an agreed time and duration. Important! Learning and repeating doesn’t have to take place at a desk, but rather where it’s fun and the child feels comfortable. Because learning with fun and movement is one of the most important prerequisites for learning coaching .

Practice standing up (especially on long holidays)

The biggest challenge awaits children and parents before an English tutor near me starts: it’s getting up early that causes problems for most children in the first few days after the holidays. For this reason, you should  start adjusting to the new daily rhythm in good time  , as it takes a while to get used to the early rising times.

Getting up early should therefore be part of the program in the last week of the holidays – at least during the summer holidays. And if you have to get up early, you also have to go to bed early, that doesn’t help!

Tips for the first day of school after the holidays: Let’s get started!

All preparations have now been made, the kids are optimally prepared and now the “school adventure” starts again?

Here are a few tips on how to start school after the holidays in a relaxed way:

1. Wake up with music and sunlight

Getting die-hard late risers out of bed is not easy. However, with the right music it becomes easier. Wake up the child with their favorite song or sing a wake-up song to smaller children. (Sun)light also helps with gentle awakening: light inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. So let light into the room early on so that the child can wake up slowly.

2. Have a healthy breakfast together

Nutritionists and educators agree: A rich and healthy breakfast not only ensures fitness and  high performance , but also a good mood. Having breakfast together is an important ritual, especially in stressful everyday life, and provides an extra dose of energy on the first day of school after the holidays. Especially after the holidays, such a harmonious meeting is worth its weight in gold.

3. Make it special!

A visit to the zoo, the outdoor pool, the climbing hall or the open-air museum or your favorite meal – sweetens the first day of school after the holidays with a very special afternoon. In this way you make the first day of school something special and show the child that there can be room for “holiday experiences” even during school time.

4. Save the rituals

What made the holidays special? Cuddling together for a moment in the morning, eating ice cream in the afternoon, playing something after dinner – these were the special moments. Save a few of these wonderful “rituals” and relaxing situations into everyday life. This not only strengthens the feeling of togetherness within the family but also sweetens everyday life.

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