Mobile tyre replacement experts share easy tips on changing tyre


You may face a tyre blowout in your vehicle any time and this experience is frightening even for skilled and experienced drivers. If unfortunately you have experience this calamity then it is important to pull your socks up real fast and do the best to get out of it. First you should make sure that you are in a safe place where you will not run over by other vehicles. Then you should emphasise on bringing back your mental calm which may take few minutes more and only then you should move ahead with replacing the blown tyre.

You should never try changing a tyre of your vehicle when your personal safety is under risk. It is also not possible to change a tyre in absence of the right set of tools. Even after having a blown tyre it does not take much time to get back on the road again. When you are personal safety is not in risk, you have the correct set of tools and feel sufficiently confident to change the wheel.

The good news is any car comes with either a full size spare or a narrow space saver and yours too will not be any exception. The procedure of changing wheels is the same in both these cases. But if in case you do not have any spare wheel in the car or carrying only a tyre repair kit in those circumstances what should you do? Thankfully in this age of the virtual web and handheld gadgets like a smartphone. It is never difficult to seek help in such logjam situations. Just go online and search using strings like “mobile tyre replacement near me” to see who can help you and pull you out of your present misery faster.

Before you start replacing your tyre

Before you start replacing a blown out tyre you must make sure that you are parked in a safe place. It is still better to drive little further and risk damaging the rim of the wheel than stopping at a risky place where you may be knocked over by other vehicles. Avoid stopping on narrow roads and always choose a broad driveway to park your vehicle before changing a wheel. At the same time you must leave the hazard lights on your vehicle blinking. If there is a reflective jacket somewhere in your vehicle you must put that one too as a reliable safety measure. It is also important positioning your warning triangle at a strategic location so that ongoing drivers are alerted easily. Now you are ready to kick start your mission! But before anything else, carefully read through the manufacturer’s manual to make your task easier.

Equipments you need

Other than a spare tyre you need a range of tools and resources to carry out the task of replacing a car tyre. The tools include the following –

  • Jack – helps you lifting the vehicle off ground
  • Wheels – removes the nuts of the wheel
  • Wheel chock – it prevents the car from rolling in jack-up condition (alternatively brick cubes can also be used)  
  • Wheel nut key – this is required if you fit locking nuts

In addition to the ones mentioned above, the manufacturer’s handbook also proves useful in these circumstances. It provides you with easy references on various matters – for example, jacking points.

There are few more resources that are needful while replacing a tyre of any vehicle. These resources include –

  • A torch or flashlight – especially if our are carrying out the task at night
  • A pair of gloves – the wheels will be definitely dirty and soiled warns an expert. Who provides the service of emergency tyre replacement near me in London.
  • A reflective jacket – so that oncoming drivers can spot you easily and from a distance
  • Warning triangle – this road signage alert other drivers that there is an obstruction or hazard on the road
  • A tyre pressure gauge – this tool ensures your new tyre is fully inflated

In addition to eh items mentioned in the list above you may also require a short wooden plank which provides a flat surface and steadies the jack.

Changing a tyre – the procedure and tips

  • First prepare your vehicle

Ask everyone to de-board the vehicle and put it on handbrake. Take all the necessary equipments along with the spare tyre from the boot.

  • Place the wheel chocks properly

Chocks are important equipment in this situation. This tool prevents the vehicle from rolling back while you are jacking it up. Place a chock on the wheel opposite to the punctured one. As an example, if the front tyre on the left is punctured you should place a chock behind the rear wheel on the right. It is a good idea to place chocks on both the front and the rear wheels provided you have it in your car. In absence of a chock you can use solid cubes of brick to serve. Your purpose explains an expert who replaces tyre near me in London over the years. In absence of bricks you can go for large pieces of rocks too.

  • Wheel nut loosening

loosening and removing the wheel nuts

It is a good approach to loosen the wheel nuts when your vehicle is still on the ground and has not been jacked up. You have to turn the wrench in anti clockwise direction to loosen the nuts. Once the nuts come loose enough to be turned by hand you can let go of the wrench. It is important to note the nuts could be real tough to loosen.

  • Jacking the car up

Every vehicle has a dedicated jacking point and the manufacturer’s manual is your best guide to locate those dedicated points in your car. Try positioning the jack at the side of the vehicle near the wheel that is punctured. Placing a wooden plank underneath the jack provides much stability. Then raise the car off the ground slowly till the blown out tyre gets some 12 to 15 cm off the ground.

In the next step you remove the flat tyre by first loosening and removing the wheel nuts completely. Then pulling the tyre toward you with gentle pressure. Fit in the spare wheel is the next line of action. Replace the wheel nuts and tighten them in their positions with your hands. Now it is time to get the car off the jack and tighten the bolts suggest professionals. They deal with tyre replacement call out near me in London over the years. As the vehicle comes down to ground completely you have to remove the jack. You can call 24hr mobile tyre fitting London on 7707717000 to come and help you out form this sudden time killing problem.

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