Crafting a Powerful Mobile App Security Threat Model

As the technology surrounding mobile applications keeps increasing with enhanced security measures, hackers are also becoming smarter with cyber-attacks. The number of internet users keeps on growing in the following years to meet the demands of this growing digital world. Therefore, these mobile app companies must take strict security measures to protect the data of their billions of users.

One such secure and resilient security measure is threat modeling of mobile apps that provides robust safety of confidential data and information of users. If you want to create an app for iPhone, then leverage this security measure in your app development process to provide deep layers of security. 

Essential Steps Implemented In Designing An Effective Mobile App Threat Model

Some of the essential steps that are general to the designing of the mobile app threat model to provide high-level safety to various businesses are:

Step 1: Identification

The first step towards any problem is first identify what assets need to be prioritized and then design security measures in accordance. You must understand how the app works and ways to protect it from other entities. To design an effective strategy to resolve this you need to understand the following:

  • Identify the loopholes and entry points that an attacker might exploit.
  • Identify the assets that someone might want to steal.
  • Identify the access rights that your app gives to external sources.

Step 2: Ranking

The next step after recognizing the threats and assets that are in danger of exploitation is to design a ranking list with the most to least dread threats. Next, you will need to categorize the potential cyber threats you can face and design a protocol to address the initial signs and symptoms of it.

This includes the amount of security measures you want to employ according to the importance of those data. This will help in understanding the vulnerabilities that your app might be exposed to.

Step 3: Action

Now after identifying and ranking the threats, you need to design an effective strategy to address these problems and mitigate them. The steps that should be involved in your strategy are:

  • Acknowledge- Acknowledge the impact and influence of all the cyber attacks on your app and their functionalities.
  • Remove- Remove all the loopholes and entry points that can provide access to external sources to steal or hack your app.
  • Alleviate- Take all the necessary and mandatory measures to lessen and reduce all these threats as much as you can.

Best Practices Towards Designing A Productive Mobile App Threat Model

Some of the practices you can employ to make the most of mobile app threat modeling are:

  • Track Loopholes

A great way to start this is to note all the security threats that your app can face and the damage they can do. Try attacking your own app and check what entries are left open and can easily be attacked from outside. 

  • Attack Possibilities

Another great practice is to always room for possibilities and ask yourself questions like how a hacker can pass through the security measures and to what extent they can reach without alerting the system. Consider all the potential and possibilities without leaving any.

  • Define Scope

Before designing threat models, you need to also analyze the scope of your security measures with your team. This will allow you to break down the analysis in deep detail and design protocols according to it.

  • Visual Model

Create a visual graphic design about all the assets you have, their ranking according to importance, the threats, and the damage they can do. This will give a clear idea to your team or even to any security company that you might be planning to get assistance from for effective communication.

  • Continuous Updates

Lastly, continuously updating your security measures and software will always be the best practice to employ to protect your data and app. Not updating your app can pose many threats to your app and will make the whole threat model ineffective. 


Mobile app threat modeling requires continuous and frequent efforts to stay resilient and working. A deep understanding of this matter is necessary to design effective strategies. designing an effective threat model for mobile app security is paramount in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring user trust.

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